Animations can give your brand an identity, an iconic visual clue that can make your content cohesive and memorable. This can be in the form of animated logo bumpers – for the beginning and end of web videos or in the form of designing text overlays and graphical elements for videos. We can also animate info graphics and design videos that are entirely animated to promote a product or brand. Having a united and consistent brand identity is an essential part of growing your audience and developing an emotive response to your business. Here we have some examples of previous work.
Alongside animations for corporate and business use, we also create content for live shows – this comes in the form of 2D animation using After Effects and live action visuals using our video team. We work with production and artists to develop concepts from initial ideas and planing to filming or animating to the final step of operating / VJing at live shows. As well as basic operating we also have expertise in video mapping which can incorporate shapes and stage design. Here is an example of our visuals and live work.